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Facebook recently launched a really cool feature. Rather than displaying a static cover photo, you now have the ability to show a video on your business profile cover banner (when viewing Facebook from a web browser, not a mobile app). Videos offer a great opportunity to draw people in and highlight your brand. But coming up with an appropriate cover video for your firm’s Facebook page can be tricky. Here are a few ideas to help you create a great video for your firm’s Facebook cover banner:

Make it Relevant to Your Brand

It’s important that the video you use is relevant to your firm and consistent with your brand. National Geographic does a nice job of using footage that clearly speaks to their brand (click below to see the video):

If your firm uses a background video on your website’s home page, consider repurposing that content for your Facebook page. At Clockwork, we use our rotating gears animation from our website’s homepage:

Inform Users as to Why You’re an Essential Service

Every service-based business has a niche. Speak to your audience and leverage your marketing message in a visual, engaging way. Video can help grab peoples’ attention and tell your story, in a short 30-second clip, in a way that a full page of text just can’t:

Introduce Your Team

Social Media doesn’t need to be as serious as your website. Take this opportunity to share your company culture by introducing team members, showing events they’ve attended, or just feature some friendly faces. Social Media is just that, social! 🙂

Promote a Service

Create a montage of the different services you offer. Alternatively, you can create multiple videos to highlight specific practice areas and/or industries. Then you can swap them in and out to keep things fresh.

How to do it?

This feature is not currently available via Facebook’s mobile app, so you’ll need to be logged in through your web browser on your computer. Once you’re at your Facebook page, click on “Change Cover” and select “Upload Photo/Video” from the dropdown menu. Then, select your video file to upload it to your page.

Sizing Requirements

  • Videos must be between 20 and 90 seconds long.
  • Video resolution must be 1080p.
  • Videos will be cropped to 820 x 462 pixels. Keep any important images and text centralized so they won’t get cropped out of the frame.
  • The mobile crop (which is a static frame) is slightly different so double-check to make sure it looks okay on mobile.

We Can Help!

If you’d like to add a video cover banner to your firm’s Facebook page, we’d love to help. Contact us today, or call 781-938-0006, and we’ll get started right away.



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