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Six Great Podcasts for B2B Marketing Professionals


Because you’re passionate about your job and the company you work for, you are invested in professional development, but you’re also busy! The on-demand education of podcasts is a great way to learn during your commute or from the comfort of your own home. Check out these six podcasts for business-to-business marketing professionals.

HBR: Ideacast

This weekly podcast by Harvard Business Review covers a wide range of topics relevant to many managerial and leadership issues. It features academic and professional experts from a variety of industries.

Will appeal to: Marketing professionals looking to educate themselves on a broad range of topics

Recent episode of interest: 710: To Truly Delight Customers, You Need Aesthetic Intelligence

Where to find it: iTunes | Stitcher



With each episode clocking in around the 20-minute mark, the Association for Accounting Marketing AAMplify! podcast series is perfect for listening during your lunchtime or commute. Topics range from strategy and management to digital marketing and business development.

Will appeal to: Marketing professionals for CPAs and accounting services, as well as other professional services

Recent episode of interest: Evolving Roles as Marketers

Where to find it: YouTube | iTunes | Stitcher



Employee advocacy and engagement is essential to any successful corporate marketing effort. In this podcast, you will learn about best practices, trends and strategies that have made an impact.

Will appeal to: Marketing professionals who want to engage their employees in their marketing efforts

Recent episodes of interest: 26: Best Practices for Involving Employees in Social Media and 32: Making an Internal Change in Your Organization with Henry Bruce (about rebrands and the impact they have)

Where to find it: iTunes | Stitcher


LMA Podcast

Legal Marketing Association’s podcast tackles such topics as managing lawyers’ expectations, how to keep content flowing, tips for leveraging content, making analytics digestible, and more.

Will appeal to: Marketing professionals for legal firms

Recent episode of interest: Contented Content: The What, Why and How of Developing a Content Strategy, Part 1 and Part 2

Where to find it: SoundCloud and iTunes.


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Perpetual Traffic

Perpetual Traffic by DigitalMarketer shares cutting-edge strategies on acquiring leads and sales for your business through paid traffic. Listen to real stories of business owners and how they overcame struggles with digital marketing and online advertising and discover actionable strategies to apply to your company.

Will appeal to: Marketing professionals looking to increase traffic through paid advertising

Recent episode of interest: 227: The 5-Step Facebook Audit To Do Before the End of 2020

Where to find it: iTunes and Stitcher.


Call to Action Podcast

Call to Action

Call to Action from UnBounce is full of candid interviews with digital marketing professionals and thought leaders, online marketing success stories, and tips for how you can apply the lessons to your own marketing campaigns.

Will appeal to: Marketing professionals who want to think strategically about the marketing process

Recent episode of interest: How to Use Analytics to Spur Creativity

Where to find it: iTunes and Stitcher.

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