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Branding Your Video Background

Video Conferencing

In the age of working from home and video conferencing, more and more people are getting a direct window into your home. If you don’t want people seeing your dirty laundry (literally or metaphorically), you might want to use a virtual background. Some video conferencing platforms, most notably Zoom, allow you to upload a custom background. Why not brand your background for a more professional look? Once you create some branded backgrounds, make them available to everyone at your firm, with quick instructions as to how to upload them (see the links below.)

Branded Background Ideas

  • Firm logo
  • Office images (lobby, conference room, location, etc.)
  • Solid background image in the brand color(s)
  • Abstract background image using brand colors and graphic components

Here’s an example of some options that we created for our client Bowditch, Sanborn Head, and Grimes & Company.

Video Conferencing Platforms & Background Options

Zoom allows you to upload your own background image. They also offer stock backgrounds on paid accounts, while Canva is offering customizable Zoom virtual background images and videos.

Cisco Webex allows you to upload your own image, pick from a gallery or blur your background.

Microsoft Teams offers the option to blur the background or choose one of their stock backgrounds. (They also plan to roll out the ability to upload your own, likely in May.)

Skype allows blur only.

Google Hangouts, Slack, and GoToMeeting do not currently offer virtual backgrounds, but the pressure is on. There are also apps available such as ChromaCam and XSplit VCam, which work on select platforms and operating systems, to allow you to remove, replace and blur your background without a green screen.

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