Project Spotlight

New Name, New Logo

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Congratulations to Boston Music Project on their new name and logo! The Boston Music Project is a creative youth development program that uses an intensive and unique ensemble-based music curriculum to help underserved children develop skills to succeed at school and in life.

Boston Music Project Logo

The program was originally named the Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program after the school where the program started. The name became limiting and caused confusion as the program grew geographically. To start the renaming process, we developed interview and survey questions to help gather necessary information from key stakeholders. Based on the research and findings, we provided new name and logo ideas that appeal to parents, teachers, students, and the community and position the program accurately and authentically for fundraising and growth in the future. Ultimately, the organization selected the name Boston Music Project, which is in keeping with similar programs in other cites, such as the Miami Music Project.

The new logo design was inspired by modern music technology, the sound emanating from speakers, and the movement of equalizer bars. Additionally, the negative circular space resembles an orchestra pit where the musicians work together, and the rays convey the music that emanates outward. The logo evokes a feeling of positive energy with multiple components collaborating in harmony to create a whole.

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