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Mike’s Technical Tip: Open Microsoft Office Files Directly from Gmail

Gmail On Computer Screen

Gmail has recently added a handy feature that lets you open and edit Office files without having to use Excel, Word, or PowerPoint.

I’ve sent myself an email with attached sample files of each of those three Office apps:

Gmail Office 01

You can hover your cursor over each of the attached files and then over the “edit pencil” to see what Gmail is now offering:

Gmail Office 02
Gmail Office 03
Gmail Office 04

Clicking each of those Edit icons launches Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides, respectively:

Gmail Office 05
Gmail Office 06

Gmail Office 07

Launching any of those Google apps puts a copy of your file in Google Drive, by the way:

Gmail Office 08

You can access them again in the future without going back to the email to which they were attached, or if you do go back to the email, you’re offered the choice to either create another copy of the original or open the one that was added to Drive:

Gmail Office 09

And once you’ve finished editing any of these files, they can be converted (via Download) back into their original Excel, Word, or PowerPoint formats:

Gmail Office 10
Gmail Office 11
Gmail Office 12

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