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Nitsch Engineering Launches Vibrant New Website

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Congratulations to Nitsch Engineering on its vibrant and modern website! Nitsch is the largest women-led business enterprise civil engineering firm in Massachusetts. The bright colors, messaging, and overall brand convey the friendly, approachable style the firm is so proud of.

The website is special for many reasons, but most notably, it looks uniquely different from other engineering firm sites, and this difference is very deliberate and very on-brand.


The Nitsch site needed to reflect the firm’s modern capabilities to attract and retain employees and clients. The content had to be streamlined universally, and the navigation had to be intuitive, on all devices. The new site follows website accessibility guidelines so visitors with disabilities can also enjoy exploring. Nitsch is easy to work with and the site now reflects that.

  • The modern, user-friendly website is built with prominent search features, parallax scrolling, web accessibility, and cookie control.
  • Collaboration is a key message. The tagline “Building Better Communities WITH YOU” emphasizes the partnerships forged with all target audiences, including clients, employees, and recruits.
  • Visually differentiating the firm was crucial. Many engineering sites look the same. The Nitsch site incorporates the graphic “swoosh” from their logo and colorful, bold typography to stand out from the crowd. Fun, welcoming, and friendly, it conveys the firm’s culture and approach.
  • Recruiting is crucial. The new site includes all of the firm’s 120 employees, building employee pride and retention. Time spent on the Our People landing page doubled since launch. The “We’re Hiring!” call-to-action “sticks” to the browser’s edge and promotes clicks. The Careers section showcases a short video, dynamically highlights company culture posts, and has a “sticky” CTA to Join Our Team.
  • Website Accessibility. The site follows WCAG 2.1, Level A & AA guidelines, and scores 100 on Lighthouse, a Google Dev Tool.

Visit the site at

“The Clockwork team are rock stars – we love the design and functionality, and they did such an amazing job keeping us moving forward! We’re thrilled with the end result!”
– Anna Luciano, Director of Marketing

We were honored to work with Nitsch since 2010, and are thrilled to see how their strong brand is now reflected on this modern and fresh website.

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