Cades Schutte

For 100 years, Cades Schutte has helped businesses and families find prosperity in Hawai‘i as the islands’ largest full-service law firm. Clockwork launched the new website as part of the firm’s centennial celebration and helped evolve the brand to position the firm for the next century. The modern, user-friendly website is built with prominent search features, parallax scrolling, web accessibility, and cookie control.

Cades Schutte Website

Advanced Features

Bio Pages

The robust attorney bio pages include a large, friendly portrait, clear contact information, optional tabbed content, and crosslinks to related practices, industries, and news. The bios also include programmatically-generated PDFs for printing and saving.

Cades Bio

Practice Pages

Each practice and industry page includes modular, tabbed content, key contacts, and crosslinked attorneys, practices, industries, and news, all easily editable via the website's content management system.

Cades Practice