Grimes & Company

Grimes & Company is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) providing financial planning and investment management services to clients across the country. Using their tagline, “Wealth Management for All Seasons,” as our inspiration, we created a cohesive visual identity and carried it through all their marketing materials, reinforcing their company mission to provide financial peace of mind.

Grimes Website

Advanced Features

Bio Page

Each bio page is designed to make the team member feel approachable with a friendly portrait, clear contact information, and both professional and personal information.

Grimes Bio Page

Service Page

The service page includes an engaging layout for top-level information, showcases the team, and the features latest related insights. The team portraits appear with a sentence on rollover that quickly introduces each person in an engaging, friendly, and interesting way.

Grimes Service Page 1

Process Page

The process page uses an infographic style design, with clear stages that progress as you scroll down the page. The circle button "sticks" as you scroll, and flips to the related team associated with that process stage.

Grimes Process Page