Pare Corporation

For over 50 years, Pare Corporation has been a trusted engineering partner to clients throughout the Eastern United States in both the public and private sectors. We redesigned the website for improved navigability and functionality and crafted top-level brand messaging to help position and differentiate Pare. Additionally, the large pop-up trade show booth and social media banners coordinate with the new site’s design and messaging for a professional, consistent brand image.

Pare Website

Advanced Features

Service Page

The service pages are designed to allow visitors to quickly learn about Pare's expertise, see relevant project experience, know who to reach out to for more information with key contacts, and browse recent related news.

Pare Service 1

Project Page

Project pages include photos and key details at the top of the page for ease of scanning, plus more detailed project information, key contacts, and related services for visitors that want to take a deeper dive.

Pare Project Bristol