Mike’s Technical Tip: Illustrator’s “Transform Each…” Command

Monthly Archives: November 2016

Mike’s Technical Tip: Illustrator’s “Transform Each…” Command


Have a bunch of objects in an Adobe Illustrator design that all need to be modified, but know they’ll jump all over the place if you try to do it all at once? Here’s a simple but time-saving command available in Illustrator you might not be familiar with: “Transform Each…”

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WordPress Multisite for Professional Service Firms

What is Multisite?

WordPress Multisite creates a network of websites that can be managed together using a single WordPress installation. This feature establishes a main “parent” site and enables the ability to add “child” sites.

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Branding Your Office Space


Often, when we are asked for rebranding proposals, our clients request a similar list of necessary components: logo, website, stationery, folders, pitch books, ads, trade show booths, PowerPoint and other templates, etc. But one crucial component is often missing: interior office décor.

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Clockwork Helps LSSO with New RainDance Conference Design

For the Legal Sales and Service Organization’s (LSSO) 2017 RainDance Conference, Clockwork designed a new logo treatment and Save The Date postcard.

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