Why Your Logo (Or Other) Color May Not Consistently Match

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Why Your Logo (Or Other) Color May Not Consistently Match


Have you ever received a batch of business cards and the logo color was not quite right? Does the logo on your website look like a different color than the logo on your pocket folder? Keeping brand colors consistent is a battle that all marketers must fight. Here are a few tips to help you win:

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Website Development: Templates Versus Custom Design

When it’s time to overhaul your firm’s website, it can be difficult to know where to start. Should you begin by finding a design that everyone loves, and then fill in the content? Or should the content come first, and drive the design? There are definitely pros and cons to both methods.

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What is “Editorial” Photography?


Photography has become a crucial part of promoting our firms. As marketers, we are regularly tasked with hiring photographers and finding stock photos for our website, blog and other marketing materials. Along the way, you may have heard the phrase “editorial photography” and wondered what it means. In this article I’ll explain how the word “editorial” is used and why it’s important to understand, both legally and stylistically.

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Clockwork Celebrates 22 Years!

How better to celebrate our anniversary on a hot summer day than with a walk across the street for some delicious Gelato!





Pros & Cons of Video Backgrounds


Full-screen video backgrounds (large videos that auto-play when you first come to a website’s homepage) have been around for several years, but are becoming more and more popular on professional service websites. Are they something you should employ, or a fad that will be gone in a few months’ time?

Let’s begin by looking at a few examples of sites with video backgrounds (click each screen below, use a desktop or laptop computer to view):

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