How to Build a Site Map

One of the first things we do when beginning a website project is create a site map. A site map is a “blue print” of sorts, outlining all the pages on your website. A well defined site map can really help get a website project off to a good start, and keep it on track through completion. Read on to learn how to build a website site map:

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Bio Page Best Practices for Professional Service Firms

Marketing professional service firms entails unique challenges and skills. Your people are your product, so it’s imperative that you showcase them in a way that is easy to understand yet still displays all their qualifications. It’s important to utilize modern web technology and best practices to create bio pages that truly highlight your teams’ skills and expertise. Read on to learn more.

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Mike’s Technical Tip: It’s All About the File Format

JPEGs and PDFs and GIFs – oh my! Those and many other graphic file formats can be found out there in the wild, and unless you know the differences among them, the results can be… unpredictable.

The following is a chart with a rundown of the most common file formats for graphics and images and what they’re good for.

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Clockwork Wins Banker & Tradesman’s Silver Award for Top Website Design Firms

Banker & Tradesman conducted a survey of readers to find out who their favorite vendors are …and in the category of Website Design, Clockwork won a Silver! A big thanks to all our clients and B&T readers for voting, we are truly honored to be selected for this prestigious award.
 See the story and our ad in this PDF.

What’s the difference: Desktop vs. Web Fonts?

As graphic designers, fonts are very important to the work we do. In years past, designers like myself were extremely limited as to the fonts we could use for website design. But now, “web fonts” are readily available. But web fonts are different from desktop fonts in several ways. Keep reading to learn just how they’re different.

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