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Get the Early Bird Discount on Custom Holiday Cards

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It may look like summer out there, but it’s never too early to begin thinking about this year’s holiday season! As a little incentive, we’re offering a 10% discount for early birds who begin their project in July or August.

Six reasons to start your firm’s holiday card now:

1. Keep calm:

Give the project a longer timeline. Nothing spoils the fun of creating a custom holiday card more than stress-inducing tight deadlines.

2. Make it personal:

Finish printed cards extra-early, allowing ample time for attorneys to sign them.

3. Stand out from the crowd:

Send a Thanksgiving card before the influx of traditional holiday cards.

4. Stay cool in the summer:

Work on your holiday card, think of snow, and we guarantee you’ll cool off before you know it!

5. Get the firm involved:

Collect photos, stories, quotes and recipes now for a unique card that’s personal to your firm.

6. Beat the rush and save:

Benefit from our early-bird discount! Please contact me at or call 781-938-0006 to learn more.

See our favorite holiday cards from last year to get your sleigh bells ringing.

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