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Congratulations to Danielle & Bonnie!

Danielle Bonnie Headshots

We are thrilled to announce two promotions within our tight-knit team at Clockwork. Danielle Diforio and Bonnie Kittle have been promoted to Directors. With eight and nine years, respectively, at Clockwork, they have been instrumental to our agency’s success.

Danielle, now Account & Project Director, keeps everything on track and on budget. As our clients’ primary point person, she collaborates, advises, and smoothly guides clients through every project. Danielle enables our team to work effectively and efficiently to produce work that exceeds client expectations. Read Danielle’s bio to learn more about how she helps our team tick.

Bonnie, now Art Director, knows the power of great design to shape perception, increase engagement, and drive intuitive experiences. She loves helping clients differentiate and elevate their brand, website, and marketing collateral. Bonnie is always listening and learning, bringing new technology to Clockwork, and keeping an eye on the latest trends and innovations. Read Bonnie’s bio to learn more about her passion for beautiful and functional design.

Congratulations to our Clockworkers, Danielle and Bonnie!

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