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Re-Branding: Laundry List of Common Components Requiring Change

Stationery Items

A Marketing Director in the early stages of a firm rebranding project asked me a great question: “Do you happen to have a list of items that firms like mine typically need to update when they change their logo?” The next day, back at my office, I searched through my files and sure enough, found a list I had compiled many years ago. One of the items on the list included “Fax Cover Sheet” so I knew it definitely needed some updating!

So without further ado, below please find my laundry list of items that professional service firms often need to update when they change their logo:

Stationery & Collateral:

  • Letterhead (both printed and Word versions), Business Cards, Envelopes (all sizes, including check envelopes and mailing envelopes), Mailing Labels, Note Cards, Note Pads
  • Pocket Folders (often several sizes)
  • Email Signatures


  • Website and Favicon
  • IntraNet
  • Social Media Banners, Favicons, and Graphic Templates
  • Brochures (printed and PDFs)
  • Sales Presentations (printed and digital)
  • Branded Apps
  • Videos
  • Ad Templates (often multiple versions, for print as well as online banner ads)
  • Pre-Printed Proposal Covers and Report Covers
  • Proposal Templates
  • PowerPoint Templates
  • Word Templates
  • Brand Standards Manual


  • Pens, Mugs, Shirts, Bags, Caps, etc.


  • Checks
  • Estimate/Invoice Templates in your accounting system
  • Purchase Order Forms
  • Other (varies by firm, review current materials with accounting staff)


  • Employee Handbooks
  • Recruitment Materials
  • Forms
  • Other (varies by firm, review current materials with HR staff)


  • Office Signage (indoors and outdoors), Directional Signage for Lobbies (including electronic Kiosks), Parking Lot Signs (reserved spaces, etc.)
  • Sponsorship Signage (logo placements in the community on plaques and signs)
  • Vehicles (company trucks, cars, equipment)


  • Hard Hats
  • Uniforms, Shirts, Jackets, etc.

I hope you find this list helpful when you start planning your next logo change or full re-branding project. If you think of any item I’ve missed on the list above, please send me an email and I will update the list accordingly.

Vanessa’s article first appeared in SMPS Boston’s Outlook, August 7, 2017.

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