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How to Navigate Google Analytics 4

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Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the new version of analytics, is structured differently than Universal Analytics, the previous version. To start demystifying GA4, learn how to navigate it to find what you are looking for.

These labeled screenshots focus on the Reports section of GA4, where the bulk of the reports are located.


Home is the first page you will see within GA4.

GA4 Home Screen

Reports Snapshot

The Reports Snapshot is the first page you will see within the “Reports” section.

GA4 Reports Snapshot Screenshot

Overview Reports

Overview Reports provide a high-level summary. When you use the left sidebar navigation of reports, the Overview is listed first under each section.

GA4 Overview Report Screenshot

Detail Reports

Detail Reports, as the name suggests, provide more details and allow for in-depth analysis. There are a variety of detail reports available, such as User Acquisition, Pages and Screens, Landing Pages, etc.

GA4 Detail Report Screenshot

Customize Reports

GA4’s custom reporting is incredibly powerful. You can use the following 6 methods simultaneously to analyze your data.

GA4 Detail Report Customizations

Using the “Customize Report” option (#6 above), you can create and save custom reports that you want to reference again easily. Use the right panel of customization options shown below to build your report.

GA4 Customize Report Panel


The custom reports are saved to your Library. You can organize your saved reports in Collections. Published Collections appear in the left sidebar to allow you to easily access your favorite reports.

GA4 Library Screenshot

Also, check out the GA4 Glossary to learn the new terminology!

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