Best Buy Metals

Best Buy Metals supplies metal roofing, siding, and building materials nationwide with good-old-fashioned customer service. Clockwork redeveloped the website to showcase all of their products in a modern, intuitive, easy-to-navigate design, featuring client reviews, photos, and a wealth of resource materials.

Bbm Website

Advanced Features

Product Pages

The product pages include on-page navigation that sticks to the top of the browser window, allowing site visitors to quickly jump to the section of the robust product page they are interested in. A mini-contact form sticks to the bottom of the page that is auto-filled with suggested text to request pricing and information to make it easy for people to get in touch.

Bbm Product Page

Comparison Chart

Visitors can compare up to 3 products to help determine which metal roof would be the best fit for their project.

Bbm Comparison Chart