Read Vanessa’s Article in Mass Lawyers Weekly “How to Plan, Prepare for a New Firm Website”

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Read Vanessa’s Article in Mass Lawyers Weekly “How to Plan, Prepare for a New Firm Website”


Website advise for Law firms from Clockwork Design featured in Lawyers Weekly, Boston MA

If you’re a Mass Lawyers Weekly subscriber, head on over to the website and read Vanessa’s article, “How to plan, prepare for a new firm website” specifically geared to law firm website projects.

Update: Vanessa’s article is also now posted publicly at the Idaho Business Review.


Bonnie’s Pick-of-the-Month: Starbucks App

“A morning coffee is my favorite way of starting the day, settling the nerves so that they don’t later fray.” –Marcia Carrington

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE coffee. It’s one of the things that I look forward to kick-start my morning or to pick-me-up in the afternoon. For this month’s app recommendation I picked the new and improved Starbucks app. I think it does a great job integrating gestures and also has an intuitive user interface that is beautifully branded. With some really cool features like Shake to Pay, Pick of the Week (free app and music downloads!), gifting adorable cards to friends, and free coffee rewards, this app has come a long way from its buggy predecessor.

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5 Things I Learned About Marketing from Cher


Cher performed at the Garden in Boston on Wednesday night to a sold-out crowd. My husband and I sat in the second row balcony and paid good money for the tickets (his Christmas gift to me, what a guy!). Along with giving a really great performance, Cher taught me a few things about marketing:

1) Know Your Audience
Cher understands her fans. She doesn’t try to appeal to an audience of 16-year-olds, (or even 25-year-olds, for that matter). Unlike Madonna, Cher started her concert promptly and ended right around 11:00pm, which is important when you have to go to work the next day.

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