Winter is Coming: ’Tis the Start of Holiday Card Season!

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Winter is Coming: ’Tis the Start of Holiday Card Season!


Game of Thrones references aside, the summer is the perfect time to start your firm’s animated and/or printed holiday card project.

Six reasons to start your firm’s holiday card now:

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Mike’s Technical Tip: Use Acrobat to Send and Track PDFs


If you use Adobe Acrobat, there’s a pretty cool feature available that allows you to send download links via email that can also be used to track and manage sent PDFs. It’s a part of Creative Cloud, and also if you want the standalone version using the Adobe Document Cloud. It’s really easy to use and fairly powerful as well. The following is a quick overview as to how it works.

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Design Lesson: How Trustworthy Does Your Website Appear?


Everyone knows that having a website today is a requirement for any respectable business. Just having a website might seem like enough, but in reality your website could be harming your credibility, rather than helping. Its crucial that you build trust with your current and potential clients both in person and online. Take a look at the checklist we’ve created to gauge whether or not your website is building up or tearing down your hard earned credibility:

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Why Integrated Blogs are Better


As we work with professional service firms to design and build websites, we sometimes encounter “other blogs,” written by members of the firm, that exist independently from the firm’s main website. We often get asked if it’s better to keep blogs separate from the firm’s website, or integrate them. In almost all cases, we suggest integration. Here’s why:

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Brain Dump: Firm Anniversary Advice & Ideas


I recently attended a session on celebrating firm anniversaries at the Accounting Marketing Association (AAM) Summit in New Orleans. Donna Erbs presented her insights from organizing a yearlong celebration for Anders CPA + Advisors’ 50th anniversary in 2015, and then moderated a group discussion. Donna’s key advice as well as some of the anniversary ideas she and the rest of the group contributed are below.

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