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How to Create a Branded PowerPoint Template Without Losing Your Mind

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We’ve all been there… spending way too long trying to use a default PowerPoint template for a presentation, but the colors aren’t quite right and you can’t seem to get it to look polished or on-brand. Follow along with the video tutorial below to find out how to customize your PowerPoint to match your firm’s brand colors. It’ll only take 5 minutes, and it’ll save you from having to manually change the colors on every slide as you create your presentation. Let’s dive in!

Video Tutorial: How to change the colors in your PowerPoint to match your brand

Here are a few examples of  Branded PowerPoint Templates we’ve created for our clients:

Williams Benator & Libby (WBL)

CPAs & Advisors


Law Firm


Law Firm

Northeast Investment Management

Financial & Investment Management

McLane Middleton

Law Firm

Grimes & Company

Financial Planners & Investment Managers


Law Firm

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