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Did You Miss Any? Our Most-Read Articles of 2020

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Here at Clockwork, our most popular posts from 2020 covered a variety of marketing and design topics. Many touched on the new norms of our remote-work world such as Slack etiquette and virtual backgrounds, as well as the best practices now and generally for photoshoots and professional service firm websites. Did you miss any?

Without further ado, here are our top ten most popular articles of 2020:

What’s the Ideal Word Count for a Web Page?

Vanessa Ideal Word Count for a Web Page

If you write content for your firm’s website, how much is enough? Will people stop reading if you write too much? Will Google rank your page lower if you write too little? We get to the bottom of how long each page should be for “best” results.

Ideal Word Count for a Blog Post


Slack Best Practices & Etiquette


If you are new to Slack, or even a veteran, there’s a good chance that you’re not using Slack to its full potential. Read on for some tips that can help improve your Slack experience and avoid time-wasting practices.

Slack Best Practices


Branding Your Video Background

Branding your video background

In the age of working remotely and video conferencing, more and more people are getting a direct window into your home. Some video conferencing platforms allow you to upload a custom virtual background. Here’s how to brand your background for a more professional look.

Branding your video background


5 Tips for a Successful Photoshoot

Successful Photoshoot

Custom photography can be an incredibly important part of your firm’s marketing. It can also be an expensive undertaking. Having art directed hundreds of photoshoots and hired and collaborated with dozens of photographers, here are our five top tips to help make your photoshoot run smoothly.

5 tips for a successful photoshoot


How to Use UTM Codes to Track Campaigns in Google Analytics

UTM Codes For Tracking Google Analytics

Firms are sending out more content in response to current events and it is important to know what is getting traction. Learn how to use UTM codes to track the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts in Google Analytics.

UTM Codes


Five Suggested Site Improvements for 2020Site Improvements for 2020

In late 2019, we suggested five updates to improve your website, before coronavirus changed our lives. All are still applicable today (plus some new ones, like WordPress Notification Bars, listed below).

Site Improvements for 2020


Tips for Portrait Photography During COVID

Photography During Covid

With businesses operating under social distancing guidelines and in-person networking nearly impossible, bio pages with recent portraits are more important than ever. Here are a few tips for a safe and successful photoshoot.

Photoshoot during COVID


Where to Find Great Stock Photos

Stock Photo Search

Do you struggle to find affordable and unique stock photography? We’ve compiled a (fairly) comprehensive list of stock photography resources for your bookmarking pleasure.

Stock Photo Search


Mike’s Technical Tip: WordPress Notification Bars and the Coronavirus

Wordpress Notification Alert Bar

Do you want to notify website visitors about your coronavirus response? Mike tells us how to easily install an alert notification bar on your WordPress website.

Wordpress Notification Alert Bar


5 Key Elements Every Professional Service Firm Website Should Have

5 Key Elements Every Professional Service Firm Website Should Have

Marketing a professional service firm is different than marketing a product-based business, but your website is still a key part of your sales strategy. Your site must help your target client understand that you are the right fit for their needs. Does your site have these 5 key elements?

5 Key Elements Every Professional Service Firm Website Should Have


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