How to Conduct a Brand Analysis

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How to Conduct a Brand Analysis

Updating or rebranding a professional service firm can be tricky. Often, it’s hard to differentiate your firm, as the services you provide are similar, if not identical, to your competitors’. A strong brand can help you stand out among your peers in a way that is authentic, engaging and memorable. A brand analysis can help you clarify differentiators so that the messages and images you convey are targeted and on point, resonate with your clients and prospects, and have a better likelihood of success. Read on to learn the basics of conducting a brand analysis for your firm.

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Why You Need to Add SSL to Your Website, Now.

SSL, or “Secure Sockets Layer,” was not something that most professional service firms needed to worry about having on their website. Until now. Google is changing the rules and soon, it will be crucial that any website with even the most basic form be SSL secure. Here’s what you need to know.

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How to Build a Site Map

One of the first things we do when beginning a website project is create a site map. A site map is a “blue print” of sorts, outlining all the pages on your website. A well defined site map can really help get a website project off to a good start, and keep it on track through completion. Read on to learn how to build a website site map:

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Winning RFPs: 10 Tips for Better Proposal Design

Many of us share a love/hate relationship with Request For Proposals, or RFPs. We love being asked to pitch, (especially when we win the project!) but hate the time it takes to prepare a well-written and successful proposal. Read on to learn how to win more pitches!

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Clockwork Wins Mass Lawyers Weekly Top Website Design Firm Award!

Mass Lawyers Weekly conducted a survey of readers to find out who their favorite vendors are …and in the category of Website Design, Clockwork finished in the top three! A big thanks to all our clients and MLW readers for voting, we are truly honored to be selected for this prestigious award.
See the full story and our ad in today’s issue of Mass Lawyers Weekly.