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Did You Miss Any? Our Most-Read Articles of 2019

Popular Posts 2019

It’s that time of year when we look ahead to the year to come and reflect on the year gone by. Our most popular posts covered a variety of marketing and design topics; everything from anniversary logo designs to fun 404 pages.

Did you miss any? Without further ado, here are our top ten most popular articles in 2019:

Celebration Cake

Questions to Ask Before Designing an Anniversary Logo



Factual Versus Conceptual Advertising


Brand Analysis 1

How to Conduct a Brand Analysis


Social Media Header Graphic

Company Social Media “Cover” Photo Sizes with FREE Templates


Ada Compliant

Is Your Website ADA Compliant?


Analytics Email Reports Graphic

How to Set Up Recurring Google Analytics Email Reports



How to Ask Clients for Testimonials


Updating Website

Suggested Site Improvements for 2019


Psychology Color Header Graphic 2

The Psychology of Color for Professional Service Firms


404 Pages

10 Examples of Fun 404 Pages

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