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Did You Miss Any? Our Most-Read Articles of 2021

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Here at Clockwork, our most popular posts from 2021 covered a variety of marketing and design topics. Many touched on how to use Adobe design programs, conduct a brand analysis, and even what you should wear to a portrait photoshoot. Did you miss any?

Without further ado, here are our top ten most popular articles of 2021:

Mike’s Technical Tip: Making Fractions in InDesignCalculator

There are a number of ways to make fractions in InDesign, but in my opinion, the best and easiest is hidden away in the Character panel. Here are the quick one-two-three instructions for making proper fractions.

Mike’s Technical Tip: Making Fractions in InDesign


Design Principle No. 4: How To Repeat Yourself (In A Good Way)Repetition in Web Design

Repetition isn’t always a bad thing. Learn how reusing the same or similar elements in your design brings a sense of unity, consistency, and cohesiveness to your website or printed materials.

Repetition in Web Design


How to Conduct a Brand Analysis

Brand Analysis

A strong brand can help professional service firms stand out in a way that is authentic, engaging, and memorable. Learn the basics of conducting a brand analysis so that your message resonates with your clients and prospects.

Conduct a Brand Analysis


Mike’s Technical Tip: Use the Yoast Duplicate Post Plugin to Rewrite & Republish

Yoast Rewrite & Republish

Want a shortcut to creating new blog posts? Yoast SEO- a WordPress plugin you probably already have installed- has a new feature called Rewrite & Republish that dials its usefulness up to 11! Mike shows us how it works.

Yoast Rewrite & Republish


Design Principle No. 5: How Can Contrast Make My Designs Pop?

Contrast Makes Designs Pop

Contrast in design allows you to guide your audience through the hierarchy of your web page or document. Make sure that the important information is not lost by using contrasting colors, sizes, shapes, or fonts!

Contrast Makes Designs Pop


How and Why to Create a Brand Standards Manual
Open Book

Professional service firms often invest considerable time and money building their brand. But if brand elements are not adhered to consistently, a brand can weaken and fail. A brand standards manual is an essential tool to define, unify and regulate your brand. Read on to find out how how to create one.

How to Create a Brand Standards Manual


Mike’s Technical Tip: Using Find & Replace for Colors in InDesign

Pantone Color Fan And Notebook

Are you constantly on the lookout for tips that makes your design work more efficient? Did you know that Adobe InDesign has a find-and-replace feature for color? It’s as simple as you’d imagine – and equally useful.

Find and Replace Colors for InDesign


What Should I Wear for My Portrait Photoshoot?

Clothes On Hangers

When it comes time for your professional portrait, here are some style tips for a successful photoshoot and a few innovative ideas! For instance, have you ever thought of wearing brand colors? Or incorporating a fun, casual photo option?

Portrait Photoshoot


Top Google Chrome Extensions for Graphic Designers & Marketers

Google Chrome Extensions

Need a screenshot of a full webpage? Needed a free stock photo for a blog post? Want to know what font was being used on a website? Find out our top 6 favorite Chrome Extensions that we use every single day here at Clockwork!

Chrome Exensions for Designers and Marketers


2021 Website Design Trends

Designer Using Laptop

Website design trends evolve constantly. From breaking the grid to utilizing lots of white space, here are web design trends that have grown on us this year.

2021 Website Design Trends


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